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Fortnite Cheat Helps Kids With Homework

Love it or hate it, your kids have spent their summer playing Fortnite and perfecting their Floss...not the kind recommended by dentists.

A new cheat tool for the popular game is actually a different kind of hack, this one delivering a ransomware strain called Syrk.

The malware is being delivered through forums dedicated to Fortnite players under the auspices of a tool to improve aiming within the game.

Players downloading this cheat code will find their computers encrypted with files being deleted every two hours until the ransom is paid.

With their computer locked up by ransomware, they’ll have the entire afternoon to get that homework done or more likely have an emotional breakdown.

It is advised to alert players in your household to be aware of this risk, as ransomware likes to travel the network, potentially encrypting other computers in the home.

Prevention is preferred, but if your household does fall victim there is a possibility of recovery.

Locate and extract the embedded file dh35s3h8d69s3b1k.exe and execute the file in the infected machine. It will hopefully drop the necessary PowerShell script needed to decrypt the files.

Or use it as a learning lesson that cheaters don’t win. As with any infection, eradicate any residual malware before reconnecting the computer to the network or WiFi.

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