60 Minutes on Ransomware

While I’m glad this issue is gaining national attention, this piece was very defeatist. Companies wouldn’t accept a thief walking in and taking tens of thousands of dollars from the register. Yet because a computer is involved, the expectation is to comply? I do agree and have also referred to these attacks as the worst day of an executive’s personal life. There are measures to prevent and protect against this crime. Atlanta’s $20MM bill has not just data recovery costs. It a

Record $2.5MM Ransom Demand for 23 Texas Local Governments

All impacted governments received outsourced IT support from the same provider. #ransomware #Texas #ITSP #MSP https://www.npr.org/2019/08/20/752695554/23-texas-towns-hit-with-ransomware-attack-in-new-front-of-cyberassault?utm_source=npr_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=20190821&utm_campaign=npr_email_a_friend&utm_term=storyshare

Fortnite Cheat Helps Kids With Homework

Love it or hate it, your kids have spent their summer playing Fortnite and perfecting their Floss...not the kind recommended by dentists. A new cheat tool for the popular game is actually a different kind of hack, this one delivering a ransomware strain called Syrk. The malware is being delivered through forums dedicated to Fortnite players under the auspices of a tool to improve aiming within the game. Players downloading this cheat code will find their computers encrypted w

Texas Local Governments Under Siege

At least 20 local governments have been struck with coordinated ransomware attacks. State officials have stood up the Emergency Operations Center to coordinate response efforts of InfoSec teams and identify additional communities impacted by this campaign. This is the largest attack seen against a specific geographical area, however this summer many cities and counties in the southern US have found themselves the victims of such extortion attacks. Everything truly is bigger i

New light on the iNSYNQ ransomware attack

It appears the cloud hosting provider of Quickbooks was initially infected through a phishing email received by a member of the sales department. Attackers spent 10 days in the company’s infrastructure, spreading the malware to systems and data backup solution. The firm’s Incident Response Plan allowed them to stop the spread of infections but not until half of their systems had been compromised, including their backup solution which has since been overhauled. While most cust


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